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Death Wish - Mingle Reviews - Hollywood Movie 2018

Released Date: 02 March, 2018
Movie length: 1 hrs 48 mins
Categories: Action, Crime, Thriller

Cast: Bruce Willis, Elisabeth Shue, Vincent D`Onofrio
Director: Eli Roth

A pointless remake. The original offered a layered take on vigilante justice. This remake offers just lip service and not even interesting. A remake of the popular 1974 film of the same name starring the late Charles Bronson in the lead, both films are inspired by a book written by Brian Garfield.

Willis does a decent job as the man avenging his family’s torture but this isn’t one of his best performances by a long shot. Although he showcases a range of emotions — from shock and guilt to rage and retribution — he’s let down by the script. Among the supporting cast, Frank Kersey (Vincent D’Onofrio) playing Paul’s brother is the only one who stands out. 
TOI Review:3/5 - Critics Rating
3/5 - Users Rating

The Guardian Review:Rating: 1/5

IMDB Review:Rating: 6.7/10 (With 1410 users)

BookMyShow Review:Rating: 70% (With 913 votes)
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