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Vodka Diaries - Mingle Reviews - 2018 Film

Released Date: 19 Jan, 2018
Movie length: 1 hr 58 mins
Categories: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

In the misty town of Manali, ACP Ashwini Dixit attempts to solve a series of mysterious murders happening in a single night, which might be connected to the night club, Vodka Diaries.

Vodka Diaries is a film so preposterous that within a few minutes I started to feel a little embarrassed for the actors on-screen.

I felt especially bad for Kay Kay Menon – a fine actor who has done stellar work in films like Paanch, Black Friday, Sarkar and Haider.  But here he is cheerfully hamming perhaps because he is saddled with a role that is entirely logic-free. Vodka Diaries begins with an overhead shot of Kay Kay running, like a man possessed, through the snowy mountains of Manali. He is either being chased or chasing but there is no one else in the frame.
TOI Review:2.5/5 - Critics Rating
3/5 - Avg. Users Rating

The Indian Express Review:1.5/5 - Critics Rating

Hindustan Times Review:2/5 - Critics Rating
IMDB Revi…